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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Youtube video not monetized is monetized again

Do you have one or more Youtube videos that was rejected for monetizing ?

Here is how to fix it in the sure way
Ok it's very simple ,My video was rejected for monetizing cuz i used a copyright music in it,So i've deleted it and edited it again and uploaded again and this time i used a sound track from youtube audio editor and now it's monetized again.I think that is the real good fix for this problem and i recommend you not to try to mess arround and try to find some trick to do the fix for you cuz it will be rejected again in the future.
Enjoy my video of (CR7) Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi singing and dancing again and this time opera song :D

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Free Royalty Music Sites - אתרי מוסיקה בלי זכויות יוצרים - مواقع موسيقى بدون حقوق محفوظة

Hi All .. How are you ??
It's Almost 2015
So .. Happy New Year
Here I will List for you some of the sites that offer a Free Royalty Music
To use in your videos or projects or games or whatever stuff you gonna do and make money from it
Like Youtube videos or such a stuff.
Or If you just wanna create any Media and want to use a 
Free Ryalty Music With no copyright for any reason.
Enjoy it ,And don't forget to share.

For more sites and such a stuff Visit our ((Slam-Pc)) blog back :

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