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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What is Doppelganger week ?? - Slam-Pc

First here a video i made for the topic

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Doppelgänger Week, the first week of February, starting on the first Monday and ending on Sunday, is an internet meme/game whereby users of social networking websites change their profile pictures to that of celebrities, athletes, historical figures, or friends with whom they share appearance traits. Twins that are not of genetic relation.[1][2] The meme started in 2010.[3]

Although it was reportedly started by Bob Patel,[4] who was constantly told by workmates that he looks like Tom Selleck, the earliest record of Doppelgänger Week can be found on Facebook's Doppelgänger Week Page[5]

This is most likely coincidence or misrepresentation, the founder of the Facebook Page promoting the game and meme remains anonymous. Because of this, the Facebook Page will not be authenticated by Facebook and all future postings on the page are restricted. No postings for Doppelganger Week 2015 and on will be possible until Facebook allows the Page to be authenticated.

“It’s Doppelgänger week on Facebook; change your profile picture to someone famous (actor, musician, athlete, etc.) you have been told you look like. After you update your profile with your twin or switched at birth photo then cut/paste this to your status.”[6]

Past and Future Dates

2010: January 31 - February 6

2011: January 30 - February 5

2012: January 29 - February 3

2013: February 3 - February 9

2014: February 2 - February 8

2015: February 2 - February 8

2016: February 1 - February 7

2017: February 6 - February 12

2018: February 5 - February 11

2019: February 4 - February 10

2020: February 3 - February 9

2021: February 1 - February 7

2022: February 7 - February 13

2023: February 6 - February 12

2024: February 5 - February 11

2025: February 3 - February 9

2026: February 2 - February 8

2027: February 1 - February 7

2028: February 7 - February 13

2029: February 5 - February 11

2030: February 4 - February 10
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reports: Whatsapp plans PC version -Slam-pc Tech News 16-December-2014

Currently connecting PC to WhatspApp is not possible in a direct way, But there are indirect ways such as running emulators, We'll talk about that in another post
A large part of fans of the famous WhatspApp messaging application, will be happy if there is a computer version.
:Code of the software has many signs that it's going to be some time, for example

Connect from your computer.
Other software like :Hangouts, Facebook, Skype have that option.
WhatspApp more related to smart-phones.
Pavel Durov, Telegram founder, Said in an interview this week that he thinks that WhatspApp working on it, and she tried to recruit some developers from his company.

WhatspApp not officially responded to these reports, It is unclear whether and when the software will support the connection from the computer, and if the connection with a temporary password will be sent to smart-phone or you may need to choose a password. WhatspApp also previously announced that it would
allow voice calls through the app, but has not delivered to the date
when it will happen.
Reports: #Whatsapp plans #PC version -#Slam-pc #Tech #News 16-December-2014

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