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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

بداية يوتيوب أول فيديوهات رفعت لليوتيوب | The first clips uploaded to youtube

بمناسبة مرور 10 أعوام على تأسيس شركة يوتيوب أقدم لكم هذا الفيديو وبه أستعرض الفيديوهات الأولى التي تم رفعها لموقع يوتيوب عندما كان موقع يوتيوب لا يزال موقع صغير مبتدئ لا يمنح الكثير من الوقت للفيديوهات المرفوعة . بالأسفل روابط الفيديوهات المعروضة.
It's almost 10 years for youtube Congratulatios Youtube and Google team work
and congratz Youtubers all over the world :)
 In this Video I show you the first and oldest videos and clips that were uploaded to youtube site in 2005
Enjoy it
Here is the list of these clips:

Me at the zoo - YouTube
24.4.2005 - uploaded by jawed

My Snowboarding Skillz - YouTube
24.4.2005 - uploaded by mw

Vernal Lullaby - YouTube
24.4.2005 - uploaded by Adam Quirk

tribute by gp - YouTube
24.4.2005 - uploaded by gp

carrie chokes the chicken - YouTube
24.4.2005 - uploaded by Jones4Carrie
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Youtube video not monetized is monetized again

Do you have one or more Youtube videos that was rejected for monetizing ?

Here is how to fix it in the sure way
Ok it's very simple ,My video was rejected for monetizing cuz i used a copyright music in it,So i've deleted it and edited it again and uploaded again and this time i used a sound track from youtube audio editor and now it's monetized again.I think that is the real good fix for this problem and i recommend you not to try to mess arround and try to find some trick to do the fix for you cuz it will be rejected again in the future.
Enjoy my video of (CR7) Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi singing and dancing again and this time opera song :D

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