Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reports: Whatsapp plans PC version -Slam-pc Tech News 16-December-2014

Currently connecting PC to WhatspApp is not possible in a direct way, But there are indirect ways such as running emulators, We'll talk about that in another post
A large part of fans of the famous WhatspApp messaging application, will be happy if there is a computer version.
:Code of the software has many signs that it's going to be some time, for example

Connect from your computer.
Other software like :Hangouts, Facebook, Skype have that option.
WhatspApp more related to smart-phones.
Pavel Durov, Telegram founder, Said in an interview this week that he thinks that WhatspApp working on it, and she tried to recruit some developers from his company.

WhatspApp not officially responded to these reports, It is unclear whether and when the software will support the connection from the computer, and if the connection with a temporary password will be sent to smart-phone or you may need to choose a password. WhatspApp also previously announced that it would
allow voice calls through the app, but has not delivered to the date
when it will happen.
Reports: #Whatsapp plans #PC version -#Slam-pc #Tech #News 16-December-2014