Monday, January 5, 2015

A new law in sweden 2015 to restrict mudslinging in internet

Monday Jan 05 2015

The world has become a small town right thanks to technology and the Internet revolution. This is the Internet, which is used by the perpetrators of the abusive behavior of innocent people without scruples of conscience crimes unacceptable Kaltshahyr and hatred.
A new law passed in 2015 with Sweden,
Where this strict law will make it easier to prosecute offenders or electronic newspapers who take advantage of the Internet to insult the people and slander them, wherever they are actions.
With the issuance of this new law Publishing responsibility will be more important than it was in the post a comment or improper journalism in the Internet.
Internet will become the victims can get help by Prosecutor in Sweden about any country in the world, where this law will contribute to the reduction of the expenses of the judiciary in such cases. It would be quite easy prosecution of Sweden to any other country where you are that the electronic or paper flying lawsuit against it and brought to the accusation by people who are exposed to insult or abuse in their pages in comments aimed at shaming The newspaper agreed to publish, to be compensated these victims of defamatory libel by 
those publishers and newspapers crimes.

This means that electronic newspapers Comments should be subject to scrutiny before publication. Otherwise, it will be waiting for the right of litigation is not, according to Swedish law, but from many countries preceded Sweden actively such a law is working.