Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Tablet Was Exploded Today | إنفجار جهاز التابلت

Hello everyone, What's Up
I'm going to make it as short as possible, I wanted to show you this video I filmed today, It's a little bit scary.
I entered the room a few minutes before that, I found on the floor, a small piece of metal, plastic coated on one side. This was on the floor in this way, it could severely injure someone, if it was stepped on.
This is not the only thing that worried me, the more serious the matter is that I asked myself from where this piece of iron reached the floor of this room, and if we have anything at house that has such a piece of iron? A particular device or something else.
Then I remembered that it looks like that part of the tablet case, holding the tablet inside.
But how did it reach the floor?
Maybe my little daughter dropped it ? But the tablet still was in it's place on a high shelf of a study table !
So I turned my eyes to that shelf and was shocked .
Apparently, Yesterday, As soon as we were away, Our tablet has exploded !
It's battery swelled,It became look more like an opened car's air bag!
How lucky we are not using the tablet more than a month and do not let our little girl to use it also. This means the battery was not fully charged, It's realy could be a great luck, Otherwise the battery could go in fire and burn out all our house. Thanks God that didn't happened.
These days, Especially, There is a lot of talk about the rise in the number of devices which was burned during usage or even when they were not  in use, Many titles are published daily in the news and web sites about people who were affected and burned and were rushed to hospitals, Other reports tell about cars and houses burned because of a mobile device or tablet exploded.
So dudes, pay attention to that very well, Save for yourselves, and keep your children safe, Take care of your health.
The ultimate advice can be not to put our instruments in flammable surfaces when we are not at home.
Even if the devices are turned off, Because our tablet, For example, Was exploded even when it was not in use at all for over a month and was turned off.
Also, Do not load your battery too much, It's another reason that can lead to an explosion of Chargers, Devices or Batteries.
Finally, The last and the more important thing, I highly recommend you to not leave these devices in bedrooms or any other room where someone is sleeping, Radiation activities (Waves) of those instruments when the person is in static mode are more dangerous than it is in motion.
So that's it for now, I wanted to share with you what happened with our tablet, Hopefully, it will prevent future disasters.
See you next post or video.