Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pope Francis Washes Feet of Prisoners in Easter Tradition | البابا يغسل أقدام 12 سجين بينهم نساء ورجل مسلم

كعادة قديمة متبعة في عيد الفصح المجيد
قام البابا فرنسيس بغسل وتقبيل أقدام سجناء كانوا أعضاء بالمافيا بينهم نساء ورجل مسلم اعتنق المسيحية
هؤلاء المساجين اختاروا بتقديم معلومات للمحققين والشرطة مقابل تخفيض عقوباتهم.

Pope Francis visited a prison where former mobsters were staying. As part of a long tradition during the Easter period, he knelt down at a group of 12 prisoners, including three women and a Muslim who converted to Christianity, washed their feet and kissed them.
The Pope held a celebration of mass with prisoners in the maximum security facility, and urged them to "be the servant of others."